Yeni Asır

Proudly carrying the title of Turkey's most established newspaper, Yeni Asır, which has been the voice of İzmir and the Aegean Region since 1895, also has the privilege of being the newspaper that witnessed many historical events such as the declaration of the Second Constitutional Period in 1908 and announced it to its readers. 

Yeni Asır, one of the leading brands of local journalism, has been continuing its way as a national newspaper since March 2017 and meets its readers in 81 provinces.

Yeni Asır is known as the newspaper of the "firsts" in its history of more than a century:

1928 - After the adoption of the new Turkish alphabet, the first Turkish newspaper to be published with the new Turkish alphabet.

1939 - The first newspaper to use rotary printing and linotype-entertype typesetting system in Turkey.

1967 - The first newspaper to switch to offset format in Turkey.

1967 - The newspaper that published the first 'Sports Newspaper' in Turkey.

1970 - The newspaper that published Turkey's first entertainment supplement (Sarmaşık).

1980 - The first newspaper to use computers in Turkey.

1980 - The first newspaper to publish images and texts simultaneously, on the same page.

1980 - The first newspaper to make a language revolution by using past simple tense instead of past perfect tense in the news writing.

Yeni Asır is published in its own printing house in İzmir as part of the media group.

Yeni Asır

Yeni Asır