Corporate Culture

Our vision

Our vision is to provide accurate, reliable and responsible publishing; to contribute to the present and future of the country by supporting social and cultural development; to create and maintain a dynamic organization that constantly improves itself and its environment and is a pioneer in this framework, while creating and maintaining a dynamic organization that grows continuously with its activities and financial performance.

Our Mission

To be a reliable, respected and leading institution in every field we operate, with our corporate identity that includes leading brands in a wide range from media to retail to book publishing. To carry our corporation to the future by renewing ourselves in line with ever-expanding needs and expectations in a rapidly developing and changing world.

Our Values

Turkuvaz Media Group has 7 main values that strengthen its corporate identity.

• Consciousness of being a member of Turkuvaz Media Group

• Ability to use knowledge

• Determination to succeed and being result-oriented

• Honesty and transparency

• Being responsible and taking initiative

• Customer satisfaction 

• Social responsibility

Honesty, sense of responsibility and respect for rights are essential in the relations of the corporation with its employees, suppliers, customers, shareholders and other stakeholders. Respect for personal rights and privacy, accuracy, impartiality and reliability are fundamental values especially for the written and visual media.

Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture