A group where participation and diversity are valued...

Our journey to the top, which started with the media sector, now continues in line with the goal of leadership in the retail sector, with the strength of our innovative and stable identity and human capital.

As Turkuvaz Media Group, the first key to success for us is “human” and there is no doubt that our more than 5000 employees have a great share in our success to date.

Our newspapers, which are accepted as Turkey's most respected and reference source all over the world in the print media, maintain their leadership in their own category with their content appealing to all segments and their publishing policies that do not compromise their principles. In visual media, in addition to our well-established television channels under Turkuvaz’s roof, we raised the bar even higher with our newer channels with news, TV series, children's and sports content. Each of our brands is the unchanging owner of the top places with their ratings.

Likewise, we are determined to grow by achieving new successes in the retail sector and to maintain our goal of always being the "best" in this field.

As the Human Resources team,

We believe that the human resources of Turkuvaz Media Group, which is a global player in the media sector and has incorporated a very valuable brand in the retail field, should be formed from individuals who can realize the vision and strategies of our Group, their motivation should be provided, developed, and in short, it should be managed effectively,

We aim to create a reassuring and supportive working atmosphere where long-term personal and professional development opportunities are offered, new and creative ideas are appreciated, and by strengthening the solidarity and sharing brought about by the workplace environment.

We attach great importance to the development of our well-equipped and experienced staff for a Turkuvaz family that grows with the vision of leadership and innovation in the future, as it is today.We believe that we can gain new opportunities, new paths and new perspectives with each new teammate. We would like to express our endless thanks to our family members who have worked devotedly on this journey, we wish success to our new members, who have joined our family, on this long and difficult road that we will walk together, and we welcome you among us...

Best regards,

Hakan Karadere

Turkuvaz Media Group Human Resources Group President