Cookies are small data stored in the hard disk of your computer by your browser. In general, they are used to provide you with a personalized experience during your use of a website, develop the services provided, and improve your experience and may contribute to ease-of-use during your navigation on a website.


Cookies are subject to various distinctions according to their lifespan, purpose of use and the cookie owner or the party placing the cookie.

By Lifespan By Purpose of Use By Cookie Owner or Cookie Placing Party
Session Cookies
Persistent (Permanent) Cookies
Mandatory (Strictly Necessary)/Technical Cookies
Functional Cookies
Performance/Analytical Cookies
Advertising/Marketing Cookies
First-Party Cookies
Third-Party Cookies


Cookies by Lifespan

  • Session Cookies: These are the cookies that are created when you visit a website, and are used during your visit and are valid until the browser window is closed. The purpose of such cookies is to ensure the continuity and security of your visit.
    For example, they allow the filling out of online forms consisting of multiple pages.
  • Persistent (Permanent) Cookies: They are created the first time you visit a website and remain on your hard drive depending on their lifespan or until you delete them. The purpose of such cookies is to increase website functionality by providing faster and better services to visitors.
    They do so, for example, by remembering the visitor preferences and determining the content to be displayed according to these preferences.

Cookies by Purpose of Use

  • Mandatory (Strictly Necessary)/Technical Cookies: They are the cookies required for the smooth running of a website you visit. The purpose of such cookies is to provide the necessary services by ensuring operation of the website.
    For example, they enable access to the secure fields of the website, and use of the website's features and navigation.
  • Functional Cookies: They record the selections made by the visitor on a website and recall them on the next visit. The purpose of such cookies is to provide ease-of-use to visitors.
    For example, they eliminate the need for the website user to re-enter their user password on each page they visit.
  • Performance/Analytical Cookies: They gather data about the method of use of a website, and frequency of visits to and number of visitors of such website, and show how visitors have been directed to the website. These cookies are used to improve the mode of operation of the website and thereby increase its performance, and determine the direction of general trends. They do not contain data that can identify visitors.
    For example, they show the number of error messages displayed and the most visited pages.
  • Advertising/Marketing Cookies: They allow the measurement of the efficiency of advertisements displayed to visitors and enable the calculation of the number of views. These cookies work by identifying the browsers and devices of the user. The purpose of such cookies is to build profiles of visitors' interests and to present users with customized advertisements on other websites.

Cookies by Cookie Owner or Cookie Placing Party

  • First-Party Cookies: These are the cookies that are defined by the website visited and can only be read by such website.
  • Third-Party Cookies: These are the cookies that are defined by organizations other than the website visited and that enable the making of reporting to the website regarding the service for which they are defined.


There are only Mandatory/Technical cookies on our website and in addition to the explanations above:

  • They ensure our website to operate securely, and for you to browse our website, as well as use the services and features available on it.
  • They allow us to store information about the users of our website (through user devices and browser caches) and website usage (login, filling forms, remembering privacy choices, etc.).
  • They do not harm your computer and are free of viruses.

Your personal data, collected through Mandatory/Technical Cookies, is processed under paragraph 2 of Article 5 of the PDPL on the legal grounds that “(c) It is necessary to process the personal data of parties to a contract, provided that the processing is directly related to the execution or performance of the contract” and “(f) The data processing is necessary for the legitimate interests of the data controller, provided that the fundamental rights and freedoms of the data subject are not harmed”.

Functional, Performance/Analytics and Advertising/Marketing cookies are processed with your explicit consent in accordance with paragraph 1 of Article 5 of the PDPL.


You can easily change your preferences regarding the use of cookies, or block or delete cookies, by changing your browser settings.

In order for you to manage cookies, many browsers provide you with an option to accept or reject cookies, to accept only certain types of cookies, or to receive warnings from the browser when a website requests to store cookies on your device.

Furthermore, it is also possible to delete any cookies already recorded on your browser.

If you disable or reject cookies, it may be necessary to set some preferences manually, and as we will be unable to identify your account and associate it with you, some features and services on the website may not function smoothly. You can change your browser settings by clicking on the relevant link on the following table.

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For more information on cookies, including how cookies are placed, displayed, managed and deleted, please visit or and use the “contact” tab to convey all your questions and comments regarding the Policy.

This Cookie Information Text may be updated in order to comply with the PDPL as a result of our changing processes. We kindly ask you to periodically check the Cookie Information Text in order to be informed about any changes and updates we have made in the Cookie Information Text.