The primary goal of Turkuvaz Media Group is to support social and cultural development, contribute to the present and future of our country, and constantly improve itself and its environment. It plans to achieve this goal by being sensitive to the needs and development of the society with a dynamic organizational structure.

The main activities of Turkuvaz Media Group are radio and television broadcasting, newspaper/magazine publishing, newspaper/magazine printing and nationwide distribution of newspapers/magazines. At the same time, it continues and constantly develops its activities in retail, cargo transportation and bookselling sectors. As an influential and active group, Turkuvaz Media has a large-scale holding structure which serves all its departments, including Human Resources, Information Systems, Finance, Administrative Affairs, Corporate Communications, Legal, Audit, and Advertising Sales and Marketing.

In the field of visual media, it had only 2 television channels, ATV and ATV Europe in 2008, with additions of A Haber and Minika Go in 2011, Minika Child in 2012, A Spor in 2014, A2 in 2016, A News in 2017, A Para in 2018 and the launch of VAV TV in 2021, it currently has a total of 10 television channels.

Turkuvaz Radyo, the first radio of the Group in audio media, started its live broadcasting on May 19, 2008. On the way to become "Turkey's Radio", the station is listened from all over the world today with a total of 13 radio channels, including 4 national and 9 digital, built on wide frequency network and strong technological infrastructure.

In the field of print media, Sabah, Takvim, FotoMaç, Yeni Asır and Daily Sabah are the Group's respected newspaper brands.

Turkuvaz Magazine Group includes the top brands of the world and Turkey in its portfolio with 19 magazines and 40 periodic/thematic publications. It publishes foreign licensed magazines such as Vogue, Esquire, GQ, Harper's Bazaar and Home Art, which are the leading brands of the magazine world, as well as its own brands.

Joining the Group in retail field, D&R offers a wide range of products from books to technology, and delivers the products and brands chosen by consumers to all parts of Turkey with dr.com.tr and idefix.com.tr. In addition, Prefix brings 230,000 products from 3,400 publishers to its readers.

Turkuvaz Media Digital (TMD) provides content, software, hardware, archive and technical services to the newspaper, magazine, television, radio and online brands of Turkuvaz Media Group with the slogan "The digital face of communication". While atv.comtr, Sabah.com.tr, fotomac.com.tr, takvim.com.tr and yeniasir.com.tr were launched in 2008, in 2011 ahaber.com.tr, minika.com.tr and teknokulis.com were launched, and in 2017 aspor.com.tr, anews.com.tr and dailysabah.com joined the digital. 

The online content of Turkuvaz Magazine, which is one of the largest companies in the Turkish magazine market, has a strong place in digital media with a wide range of topics from current news to the economy, from private hobby to fashion, youth and decoration. 

Websites of magazines such as lacivertdergi.com and Sabitfikir.com that positively contribute to the publishing, cultural and intellectual life of our country; minika.com.tr and its sub-platforms that offer entertaining and educational content to children; the digital face of women's magazine Vogue, vogue.com,tr; appealing to men’s interests esquire.com.tr and gq.com.tr; the authority of the fashion world harpersbazaar.com.tr; samdan.com.tr, which contains current society news; Turkey's leading automobile website otohaber.com.tr; the digital platform of InBusiness, the monthly business and economy magazine which was launched in 2020, inbusiness.com.tr are the digital shining stars of Turkuvaz Magazine.

Turkuvaz Distribution Marketing, which is one of the two national media distribution networks in Turkey, operates within the Turkuvaz Media Group. The Group, which closely follows the trends in the sector, continues to offer content and services on the internet and mobile phone channels.

On the bookselling side, Turkuvaz Media also hosts publishing institutions that publish books prepared by the country's leading editors according to different content and interest types. Founded in 2018, Turkuvaz Kitap continues its publications on Turkish and world classics, as well as review books, popular science research, and interviews with important figures of our cultural life. Founded in the same year, Turkuvaz Çocuk Kitap invites readers of all ages, from pre-school to early teenage years, to the world of books that are more entertaining, instructive and adorned with eye-catching pictures.

With the aim of being a current and dynamic publisher, Sahi Kitap was founded in 2020. It offers content on a wide scale of modern world and domestic literature and “living writers” from detective fiction to research and analysis books and from personal development to popular science. 

Fikriyat, which started its broadcasting life in the same year, brings together its very colorful and deep contents with the mission of bringing together opinion leaders about history, literature, philosophy, Islam and current events.

Muhit Kitap, which was also established in 2020, aims to reflect the millennial talent of our nation. It aims to bring together those who have lived and those who are alive, under one roof, from Yunus Emre until today. Daha Kitap, which was founded in 2021, continues its publications offering various content and genres. 

On the printing side, Turkuvaz Media Group is one of the companies with the largest printing facilities in Turkey. It continues its efforts that began in 1985 with the philosophy of continuous improvement in order to increase the quality of the services offered for the printing of products such as newspapers, inserts, brochures, catalogues, magazines, books, posters, and flyers.

After the improvements made in Alibeyköy facilities in 2019, the coated paper printing can also be made in the facilities. Current newspaper printing is carried out in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Adana and Trabzon printing houses, and in addition to newspapers, the magazine printing capacity is 30,000,000 (30 million) per month.

KARGOMsende, which started its activities in the field of cargo transportation in November 2020, offers a new generation e-commerce cargo experience by providing the delivery of parcels to the address desired by the customer, to the person desired and at the desired time, thanks to its infrastructure enriched with the latest technology, with 5 regional offices and 145 distribution centers throughout Turkey.