Human Resources Policy

As Turkuvaz Media Group, the first key to success for us is “human” and there is no doubt that our more than 5000 employees have a great share in all our successes to date. The fundamental changes in our age and the globalizing world market have also led to qualitative changes in the competitive strategies of businesses. The importance of rapidly adapting to innovations requires businesses to have an organizational and workforce structure that will respond immediately to these changes.

As the Human Resources team,

• We believe that the human resources we have should be composed of individuals who can realize the vision and strategies of our Group, their motivation should be provided, developed, and in short, it should be managed effectively,

• We aim to create a reassuring and supportive working atmosphere where long-term personal and professional development opportunities are offered, new and creative ideas are appreciated, and by strengthening the solidarity and sharing brought about by the workplace environment.

With the awareness that the most important factor in providing competitive advantage to companies is human resources, we want to create a working environment where everyone will be happy to be a member of our Group by ensuring that talented employees join us with the most effective selection, placement and talent management processes.

Our Purpose as Human Resources

To create and maintain a human resources profile that is committed to the employer, efficient, competent, open and willing to development, and be a great one for teamwork. By adopting the principle of overlapping the personal goals of the employees with the goals of the employer, our main goal is to establish a warm and open communication with our employees.

Our Vision as Human Resources Group

To carry out the necessary work to create an enjoyable, free and honorable working environment that increases participation, develops talents and raises the quality of the workforce.

To be the organizer-preparer of a work relationship in which the best products are created, where talented personnel take part in the group’s companies, and opportunities are provided for personnel to develop their qualifications and present their potential.

Human Resources Policy

Human Resources Policy