Turkey's Newspaper

Sabah Newspaper, which has changed the understanding of journalism in Turkey without compromising its courageous, diverse, innovative and pioneering identity since it began broadcasting on April 22, 1985.In a short time, broke ground in with many "firsts" and reached the top and became a strong brand. With the breakthroughs it made in journalism and technology, Sabah made a very rapid development and gained the identity of a major newspaper.

Determined and principled. In favor of free market economy...

Defending the rule of law, Sabah Newspaper sets the agenda for Turkey every morning with its headlines and comments.

The most competent and well-known columnists representing different views form a "choir of voices from the homeland" appealing to all segments of the society; women, men, youth, children, retirees, workers, civil servants, farmers, villagers, teachers, students… A giant polyphonic choir where everyone from all ages, all professions can express their voices and be heard.

Sabah Newspaper, which has made many innovations and changes in the Turkish press, continues its journey without changing its bold, innovative and pioneering identity…

In Sabah Newspaper, enlightening and impartial reflections on social, economic, political and international issues are presented to the reader after they have been openly, freely and boldly discussed and transformed into impartial news.

One of the basic publishing principles of Sabah is to help the public to be informed and to reach a sound decision by clarifying the economic, social, political and international issues that are closely related to the society with an insistent and impartial approach.

The success of Sabah in a short time has positively affected the reader profile, enabling it to become a leading brand in the media market. Read by more than 1 million people every day, Sabah reaches 13% of newspaper readers.

Sabah contributes significantly to the increase of female newspaper readership with the special supplements it prepares and the innovations it brings. One out of every four Sabah readers is a woman. The total number of readers from the ABC1 socio-economic group is 49%, while the rate of readers from the ages of 18 and 44, representing economically active population, is 60%.

45% of Sabah readers have either high school and/or university education.

Being the pioneer of innovations since the first day, Sabah has succeeded in being the newspaper that sets the agenda with its approach to journalism and technology.

Sabah is an important channel that enables advertisers to reach a wide and prestigious readership for their products and brands.

The successes of Sabah Newspaper and the innovations it brought to the Turkish Press:

• It started the “polyphonic newspaper” movement with distinguished columnists.

• As Turkey's first national newspaper prepared entirely on a computer, it started page making and newspaper printing with advanced technology in line with the speed and level of the communication age.

• It became the first newspaper to apply the automatic insert system for placing advertisement brochures and inserts in the newspaper.

• Pioneering the use of advanced technology in the integration of color and text in prepress and printing technology, it took its place among the world's leading newspapers in this field.

• Sabah, which made the news clearer and more understandable by using more photographs and graphics in the page layout, brought liveliness and color to the press advertisements. It made the newspaper more comfortable and enjoyable to read.

• With the printing system implemented for the first time in Turkey, Sabah made it possible to print 48 pages in full color and has created more space for color advertisements by continuously increasing its color page capacity, which has been a bottleneck for years.

• Developing its printing quality and technology by continuously making new investments, Sabah became one of the first newspapers to deliver coated paper quality to its readers across Turkey. It has increased its capacity and quality with the latest color separation and printing machines.

• With newspaper supplements, it not only informed its readers, but also introduced new channels that deal with certain issues to the advertising industry.

• It pioneered the establishment of fast and effective distribution channels in line with the conditions of the day. Thus, sales information began to be compiled on a daily basis.