At the Top Without Compromising Quality

Founded in 1993 to operate in the visual media sector, ATV is one of the most watched national TV channels with its principled, impartial, ethical and a broadcasting policy that targets all family members.

ATV, the address of many firsts, left its mark on the history of Turkish television with its broadcasting approach and trends created with the slogan of "At the top without sacrificing quality". By closely following the changing audience profiles and trends, it has always managed to capture the highest ratings.

It became the leading channel by constantly renewing its technological infrastructure in line with the developments in world television broadcasting.

Integrating with the motto "The series are watched on ATV" since its establishment, ATV continues to add new ones to its TV series, all of which have become classics. Based on our cultural values, ATV series take an important place in social memory and transformed into legends that preserve their memories for years.

ATV, which is the leader of the sector with its qualified staff, successful management, unchanging philosophy, high viewing capacity, it provides direct access to all of Turkey via terrestrial transmitters, cable TV and digital platforms, and to all of Europe, North Africa, Australia, America and the Turkic Republics with the help of satellite broadcasting and antennas.

It is also one of the leaders of the market, with the overseas sales of TV series that have a great impact on the promotion of Turkey, and the rate of viewing abroad. Beyond being a channel and a brand, ATV now bears the title of being a pioneering organization that is watched with interest all over the world.