A Para

Pulse of Money Markets

Turkey's economy channel A Para started broadcasting on 17 September 2018. A Para, which set out for the national economy, brought a new slant to television in a short time.

In A Para, which covers sectoral analysis, the latest financial news, latest developments in the markets, the most accurate news are analyzed on the screen with commentary from expert guests. 

In A Para, where the authorities of the economy world meet, the analyses of the sectors are made live, while the instant follow-up of money markets and exchange rates are conveyed with the most understandable graphics.

While the latest developments in the world markets and the most up-to-date and instant changes are discussed live, the agenda is analyzed with eco-politics programs hosted by the leading commentators in the economy field.

Listening to the voices of SMEs on the SME platform, A Para brings the world of bosses to the screen with programs where the leading names of the business world are hosted. Bringing a brand-new vision to thematic channels in a short time with its high-quality HD broadcasts, A Para draws attention with its full and dynamic content.

From the world of cars to the sports economy, from the latest news of the digital world to education and tourism, it presents a rich content in its programs. 

In A Para, which includes the films in its weekend broadcast, the films watched with worldwide interest meet with the cinema lovers. It also has programs that cover topics on innovation, urban economy, social security and working life.

Frequency information of A Para, which can be watched on all platforms in Turkey:

• Turksat 4A Satellite Frequency: 11999 Mhz Symbol Rate: 11666 FEC: 3/4 Polarization: V (Vertical) Modulation: DVBS2-8PSK

• Digiturk: Channel 43

• Tivibu: Channel 44

• D-Smart: Channel 52

• Cable TV: Channel 77

• Turkcell TV Plus: Channel 48

A Para

A Para