A Haber

The Channel of the News

Turkey's first HD news channel, A Haber, which started broadcasting on April 25, 2011, brings news from all areas of life to its audience, from politics to economy, from sports to culture and arts.

Turkey's national news channel A Haber, which set out with the slogan of 'the channel of news', conveys the developments on the agenda to its audience moment by moment, without compromising the principles of accurate and impartial journalism, with its 24-hour live broadcast and 'instant news' approach.

A Haber is not only a news channel, but also a brand that stands out with its reliability in the eyes of the public, with its principled broadcasting understanding, dynamic staff and technical equipment that is loyal to national values and respectful to universal values.

One of the news channels whose special news are most referenced by world televisions, A Haber continues to shape the agenda with its principled and responsible journalism approach.

Bringing television broadcasting together with the ‘reporter’ dynamism, A Haber is a news channel with a world-class infrastructure and one step ahead of news with its innovative broadcasts. Raising its line of success day by day with its responsible journalism approach and stable stance, A Haber brings the agenda-setting news to the screen.

A Haber presents to its audience documentaries that shed light on the developments in Turkish political history, which it has produced with years of journalism experience and knowledge, news analysis prepared by associating events with their causes and consequences, and portraits of people who left their mark. A Haber sets the agenda with its news programs where prominent topics on the agenda of Turkey and the world are discussed with journalists, academics, experts and commentators.

A Haber teams, located in 81 provinces, 325 districts and 172 countries, are ready to broadcast at any time. 

It presents developments from the scene to the audience in the fastest way possible from live broadcast points in Turkey and the world, with representations in many countries from Germany to England and America and with its wide network of correspondents in the Middle East, Russia and the Balkans. 


A Haber

A Haber