GQ Turkey Men of the Year 2021 awards found their owners at a ceremony where a special story was produced and shared with the guests. In the night, which was held with the themes of timelessness, innovation, inspiration, limitlessness and equality, awards were presented to nominees who added innovation to life with their productions and stances in music, sports, fashion, stage & performing arts, gastronomy, business world and art.

GQ Türkiye Men of The Year 2021 award ceremony was held in Galataport Istanbul yesterday evening, with Samsung Galaxy as the main sponsor. In the evening, the return to a brand new “Biz” (We), following radical changes that took place both in the world and in our individual lives in the past two years. Prominent figures, who had added fresh outlooks to life with their production and stance in their categories, took to the stage of GQ Turkey on Dec. 16. The film, produced for GQ Türkiye Men of the Year 2021 and released for the first time during the awards night, aroused great excitement.

The event, where Fadik Sevin Atasoy was the presenter, award recipients who were nominated by GQ editors, writers, consultants and readers, were presented their prizes.

“Our most defining criteria while giving our awards were whether these people had added a new gene, a new texture, and a difference to life with what they produced. These concepts will also form the framework of the DNA of our magazine's 2022 content themes, including new luxury, style and fashion,” said Özgür Atanur, editorial director of GQ Türkiye.

Saying that MOTY was designed in 360-degrees, Atanur explained that the story of MOTY 2021 will continue with the event atmosphere, film, magazine and digital media.

The "Actor of the Year” award was presented to Salih Bademci for his successful performance in the productions in which he acted in. Zeynep Günay Tan presented Bademci’s award. 

The "Woman of the Year " award was presented to Öykü Karayel by Yasemin Gebeş, Turkuvaz Magazine Group General Manager and Turkuvaz Media Executive Board Member, and Ezgi Karayel. 

In her speech, Gebeş emphasized the themes of timelessness and equality: “I think that being a woman deserves the value of positive discrimination tonight, and that women's power, visibility, talent and achievements should be spoken about loudly. We wanted the timeless world we created tonight to be a world where men and women have one and equal say, and one that they achieve power and harmony only they complement each other. We feel the stories of millions of women all over Turkey."

In the ceremony, İbrahim Çelikkol was awarded with 'Screen Star of the Year’, Doğu Demirkol was awarded with 'Comedian of the Year', Seçkin Pirim was awarded with 'Artist of the Year', Mete Gazoz was awarded with 'Athlete of the Year', Oğuz Alper Öktem was awarded with 'Entrepreneur/Businessperson of the Year', Dilan Gerede Erkaya was awarded with 'Stylish Man of the Year', Berkcan Güven received the 'Hype of the Year' awared, and Onur Seyit Yaran received the 'Rising Star of the Year' award. 

In the night, awards were also presented in the special categories of "Limitlessness", "Timelessness", "Equality", "Inspiration" and "Innovation". 

Murat Tabanlıoğlu, the Master Architect, whose signature work includes the Atatürk Cultural Center, was presented with The GQ Generation Inspiration Award. GQ Generation Innovation Award was presented to chef cook Fatih Tutak. The GQ Generation Tag Heuer Timelessness Award was presented to actor Erdal Beşikçioğlu. The GQ Generation Equality Award went to Aybüke Pusat, who came to the fore with her work on environment and animal rights. The GQ Generation Limitlessness went to world-famous NBA player James Harden.

All the details of the night, including the ceremony and the after party, were broadcasted live on GQ Turkey’s digital platforms and PUHU TV. 

GQ Turkey Men off The Year was held this year with the main sponsorship of Samsung Galaxy. Other supporters of the night were Tag Heuer, Eleventy, Kempinski Hotel The Dome Belek, Lexus, Piguet, Bitci and Lucca. Galataport Istanbul hosted the award ceremony as the venue sponsor.

GQ Türkiye Men Of The Year 2021

Comedian of the Year: Doğu Demirkol

Awarder: Murat Cemcir

Entrepreneur/Business Human of the Year: Oğuz Alper Öktem

Awarder: Samsung Electronics Turkey - Mobile Business Section Marketing Communications Team Leader Gökhan Alacahanlı

Artist of the Year: Seçkin Pirim

Awarder: Murat Süter

Sportsman of the Year: Mete Gazoz

Awarder: GQ Turkey Publishing Director Özgür Atanur

Stylish Man of the Year: Dilan Gerede Erkaya

Awarder: Ece Sükan

Rising Star of the Year: Onur Seyit Yaran

Awarder: Lexus ve Toyota Turkey CEO & President of the Managing Board Ali Haydar Bozkurt

Hype of the Year: Berkcan Güven 

Awarder: Ekin Beril

Screen Star of the Year (Digital/TVC): İbrahim Çelikkol

Awarder: ATV Vice General Manager Dilaver Kıvrak

Actor of the Year: Salih Bademci

Awarder: Zeynep Günay Tan

Woman of the Year: Öykü Karayel    

Awarder: Turkuvaz Magazine Group General Manager and Member of the Turkuvaz Media Executive Board Yasemin Gebeş ve Ezgi Karayel